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Club Member Layouts and Work
This page is designed to highlight club members own layouts and some of the modeling work they have done.
We have several members whose work and or layouts have been featured in publications etc...
You can see some of those layouts on this page. Check back here for updates.

You can click on any of the images to enlarge them.

Bill Krueger
Bill models New York Central for the most part. He has said he likes it all, but is partial to 1st New York
Central, CSX, and Pennsylvania. He models in "O" scale and his layout measures approximately 30' X 8'.
There are lots of turn outs along the way with a track running thru a step on the staircase leading to the basement
so he could have a continuous layout around his basement. Bill has been collecting trains for about 20 years
and just in the last 4 has started building his layout to operate his impressive collection. Below are a few pictures of Bill's layout.

Bill Krueger's Layout
Lots of options to run!
Just some of Bill's collection
An Amtrak P42 waiting
CSX entering the tunnel

Bill showing off a locomotive
CSX coming thru the stairs tunnel

Tony Michel
Tony models in "O" scale and has a narrow guage layout also. He preferres Baltimore and Ohio.
His layout is hard to describe. The track is all hand layed. The structures are all detailed to the extreme
with a lot of the structures being animated. The interiors have also all been detailed. Tony's layout
not only is one of the most impressive in the city, but has attracted national awards
for his work. You can see for yourself in a few pictures below.

Schwarm Coal Co.
Lots of train action
Animated Signal Tower
Waiting for a train to pass
A switcher pulls its load
Tony's narrow gauge layout
Duck Under Viaduct
View of the city

Jim Ossman
Jim's train background started a long time ago in a place far away. He was a very young boy,
(Bill Krueger had already started shaving) and was trying to kick a slat out of his crib when his parents promised him
a toy train if he would behave. He thought this was all right, because the slat was tough and hurt his feet.
 The train was a wooden Strombecker "General" which he still has. The only motion was pushing or pulling
with a string attached. Later came wind-up models and eventually a Lionel electric job. Time in toy train land
passes quickly and he now has a layout of some 20' X 25' with Lionel, MTH, K-Line, and O-Scale.
He has mostly Pennsylvania and New York Central items. His favorite engine is one that runs smoothly.
The photos show not much scenery but operating "stuff".

One of Jim's bridges
The layout at the beginning
Still at the beginning
The roundhouse

Jim Operations

More operations

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